Our son James was in nursery care at Chatterbox Day Care Nursery Newcastle from the age of 9 months until the age of 4 years. We will be forever endebted to all the staff who looked after James with such love and care over the course of his early developmental years. James was presented with a variety of activities which stimulated and challenged him.

Working in close partnership with Chatterbox staff we have enjoyed watching our son grow in independance and self-confidence. James started Primary School this September and has settled extremely well to his new routine. He is very sociable and well mannered and copes with new experiences very well. We are in no doubt that it is thanks to the very strong foundation that the staff of Chatterbox established in the early years of his life that have made this current transitional stage in his life pass smoothly.

James has very fond memories of the 'Chatterbox girls' and still talks about the many friends he made there.
He loved going in to Nursery every morning and skipped out every evening. We all know that actions speak louder than words, need we say anymore!

Sinead and Arthur Kearney,

Chatterbox is quite simply the best place for my children (aged 1, 5 and 8) to be cared for, stimulated, educated, and entertained in a safe and friendly environment when their father and I are working. My kids adore the girls that look after them, the lasting friendships they have made, the delicious and healthy food at lunchtime and snack, and they have thrived on the varied, creative, educational, entertaining, loving environment that has surroounded them. I truly believe that they have all benefited from the 'Chatterbox experience' and would not hesitate to recommend the service that Jane, Paul and Maria provide at Chatterbox to parents of children of all ages.

Kerry Stafford

Chatterbox is the most wonderful place, full of fun and fabulous things to do. When I leave my children of in the morning my two year old will get out of the car grumpy from having me rush her out of the house. Next thing you look you up and there she is smiling, happy and waving out the window in the arms of one of the staff. A truly wonderful experience for children.

Joan Sheridan,

As a teacher and a parent of a child with Down’s Syndrome, I am very happy with the caring atmosphere, warm support, adapted range of activities provided by the staff and management of Chatterbox, Newcastle. The recent renovations are wonderful - a fabulous transformation.

Mrs Catherine McKeever

We would highly recommend Chatterbox for childcare. Our son Peter is in the waddler room and thoroughly enjoys his time there. The staff are all friendly and caring which helps reassure us when leaving our child in their care.

Eugene and Clare Jennings,

Our two girls have been in Chatterbox for just over one year. Everyday they go in with a smile on their face and sometimes when the fun is too good we have had tears and tantrums at home time!

Laura and Eugene Ward